Case Study

Predict the best offering for each individual client thanks to AI

For a leader in the banking industry


How to optimise the sales performance of marketing campaigns through artificial intelligence?


1 —

ClaraVista developed artificial intelligence models to identify the best combination of channel (sms, email, mail), product (loan, credit card, insurance) and offer for each of the bank’s clients, automating the campaigns for maximal opening rate, engagement, and ROI.


1 —

Tailored communication for each client.

2 —

Optimisation of communication response rate and uplift.

3 —

Simplified campaign sendout process for marketing teams.


Feedback from Sylvain, ClaraVista data scientist on the project

— What did you most enjoy during this mission?

This mission was challenging from a technical standpoint; it required handling the most advanced models to date, but also design new ones to ensure both reply optimisation and uplift. The brainstorming that led to these models was very rewarding, especially as they were conducted in close collaboration with the client.
From data collection to automation and modelling for optimal targeting, I got to handle all different aspects of the project.

— What did you think about the banking sector?

It’s always interesting to discover a new industry and its specifics. I discovered new stakes, but also new constraints both technical and regulatory that I hadn’t encountered before.

— What are you most proud of in this mission?

I’m thrilled to see that once our work was completed, and successful from an ROI standpoint, other countries in the banking corporation expressed interest in deploying the solution on their region.