Case Study

Building a relational program dedicated to VIP clients

For an international cosmetics group’s luxury brand


Which unique and exclusive experience to offer top clients on an international level?


1 —

Having the best understanding of the brand’s expectation in a VIP relational program thanks to an internal audit and interviewing key brand-side contacts.

2 —

Selecting a pilot region - China - and understanding regional specificities through interviews with local contacts - salespersons, directors, CRM team.

3 —

Scoping the program by defining the target, program mechanics, expected service level, as well as defining benefits (experience, services, gifting); then offering a financial macro evaluation.

4 —

Creating and setting up the relational plan with selected VIP clients.


1 —

Defining a relational engagement that reinforces the brand positioning while rewarding top clients.

2 —

Client-centric experience and services offering in line with the brand’s DNA for better market positioning (experiential welcome pack, emergency services, ultra personalized follow up, etc.).

3 —

Increased implication of Beauty Advisors in the relational strategy for a more personalised experience and superior retention.

4 —

Harmonisation of store practices and optimisation of internal processes.


Feedback from Marie-Line; ClaraVista consultant on the project

— What did you most enjoy during this mission?

This brand has a strong DNA, and we had a lot “material” to construct this novel relational plan with. What we did with this brand is unique and couldn’t be transposed to another brand.
I also enjoyed the project scope and the ability to rely on ClaraVista’s proven methodology, but that had to be challenged and adapted to better meet our client’s needs.

— … and was it a challenge to run a pilot on the Chinese market?

I enjoyed working with these markets, as well as the decision to use China as a pilot region, as it implied using practices quite removed from those we usually encounter in Europe. These clients have a very different profile to Europeans, they are way more digitally-driven, and that was really interesting. Also not being physically located in the pilot region was an additional challenge as it required mobilising local teams.

— What are you most proud of in this mission?

It was truly rewarding to build this program: there initially was no specific process to handle these top clients. We built it from scratch with enough flexibility so that other regions could implement it progressively. We started by defining the benefits and attribution conditions for the program, then detailed the technical prerequisites, internal and relational processes, and each person’s role...