Case Study

Identifier les parcours de développement client pour un acteur majeur du luxe

Better understand customers' natural paths to boost the most loyalty-generating journeys


1 —

Significant changes in the local client base following Covid, pushing CRM teams to challenge their historical client knowledge, especially on what a loyal client is today

2 —

A desire to increase client value by developing a key product category for the brand, Ready-to-Wear

The Key Questions

1 —

What are my clients’ paths today (especially across categories) and how do they become loyal to the brand?

2 —

Which clients are the most likely to move towards Ready-to-Wear, and what actions can be implemented to facilitate this conversion?


1 —

The first step was to define client segments based on their maturity, in order to understand their level of engagement, characteristics, etc.

2 —

Then, we analyzed all the paths between these segments, to see how clients naturally evolve within the brand, and in particular between product categories

3 —

To conclude, we identified the most important paths to develop, and defined the actions to be implemented in order to allow the CRM and boutique teams to boost the behaviors that generate the most loyalty


1 —

A better understanding of what characterizes a loyal client today, and in particular what allows a client to become multi-category

2 —

A clear roadmap on the actions to be implemented on the CRM and Boutique side to boost client loyalty in populations identified as having high potential

At the heart of the subject

The key to the topic was to offer both an exhaustive view of the client base on the different levels of loyalty that exist today, but above all to help the CRM team identify the populations to be addressed as a priority, thus allowing a better allocation of the CRM and salespeople's efforts where they would have the greatest impact for the brand.