Case Study

Extensive CRM diagnostics and marketing roadmap construction

For a major watchmaking brand


How to revolutionise the CRM practices of a notorious brand in order to create truly customised customer journeys in the future?


1 —

Tool and process audit of client data through 25 interviews with HQ employees and several local managers.

2 —

Data flow and tool mapping to produce recommendations through use of ClaraVista’s evaluation grid.

3 —

Prioritising projects and building a roadmap that includes “quick wins” as well as mid- and long-term projects.


1 —

Time saved on deployment thanks to clear roadmap that nests projects instead of stacking them.

2 —

Specific guidelines on how client data is collected and used, facilitating the implementation of ClaraVista’s recommendations.

3 —

Harmonised practices between stores and optimised internal processes for a higher performing CRM.


Feedback from Hélène, ClaraVista consultant on the project

— What did you most enjoy during this mission?

We got to work with a large diversity of backgrounds. It was specifically this diversity in their feedbacks that allowed us to get a full grasp of the brand and its mutations set in motion by the new management. This was essential to constructing a roadmap that took into consideration multiple constraints whilst addressing everyone’s expectations.

— Isn’t diving into IT systems a little too technical?

The mission had multiple facets, which made it all the more exciting. After extracting insights from the interviews, we turned the problem around to imagine journeys - and a roadmap - that truly served customer experience. It allowed us to question millennial processes and even though the thinking was IT-centric, our work had much larger ramifications in the organisation.

— What are you most proud of in this mission?

Overcoming the challenges of fragmented information: synthesising the data gave us the key to streamlining data flows in the organisation. The reward: major gains in productivity, but also a more refined segmentation, leading to a more relevant personalisation. All in all, we managed to lay the groundwork for a virtuous communication cycle.