Devise marketing
and data strategies

Our operational scope

Devise your CRM roadmap.

What our clients ask us

Which project launches should I prioritise to ensure an omnichannel experience to my customers?

How should I upgrade my CRM to get a 360° view of my customers?

Define customer segmentation.

What our clients ask us

Which type of customer segmentation should I implement?

How do I combine predictive segmentation with my customer’s product preferences?

Map relationships and design Customer Journeys.

What our clients ask us

Which personas are most representative of my customers?

Which are my customers’ main journeys with my brand?

What are my customer touchpoints and how do I leverage them best?

Structure a loyalty program and create a unique & distinguishing experience.

What our clients ask us

Will a loyalty program solve my retention issues?

Which experience will increase customer satisfaction and improve brand loyalty?

Structure an omnichannel innovation strategy.

What our clients ask us

How can new technologies improve customer experience?

How do I drive retail performance by leveraging digital?

Structure a strategy around your marketing mix.

What our clients ask us

How do I optimise my offering’s pricing?

Which promotional strategy will rebalance my margin?

Which channels play the largest role in marketing performance?

Case Studies


Extensive CRM diagnosis
and roadmap design

For a major watchmaking brand