Case Study

Creation and setup of a Data Viz platform

For a major player in the luxury industry


How to improve decision-making through analysis and visualisation of customer data?


1 —

Methodology scoping to define relevant KPIs and perimeter of analysis.

2 —

Functional specification of dashboard for easy access to key analyses by client-side users.

3 —

Dashboard setup in the data visualisation platform, Power BI.


1 —

Improved client knowledge, shared on a global level.

2 —

Increased measurement and analysis capacity by the CRM team leading to a credibility gain.

3 —

Shedding light on strategic stakes for the brand through the data prism.

4 —

Dashboards are now essential in managing marketing activities.


Feedback from Margaux, ClaraVista consultant on the project

— What did you most enjoy during this mission?

Identifying the most relevant data among their large amount for our client and the brand’s other entities was quite a challenge… The Marketing direction now uses these data to make strategic decisions

— What do you think of the Power BI platform that was deployed?

It was my first mission building dashboards using a data viz tool, and Power BI is actually quite simple to use and quite powerful. Democratising data access to facilitate contextual analysis is a high stakes endeavour in a context where all users aren’t necessarily familiar with the KPIs used in this kind of tool.

— What was the biggest challenge on this mission?

Interweaving analyses in the tool was quite a challenge as each perimeter change could impact related dashboards elsewhere. We had to stay vigilant when setting up KPIs calculations to avoid breaking previous ones.